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avatar Posting Music and Mixes: DJs, MCs and Producers Read Before Posting Your Mix
August 02, 2011 09:32PM
Welcome to the Cratedigging Co-Op Member Submission Forum!

We look forward to bumping your music!

Posting Rules:

1. Make sure you have at least 5 non-self serving posts under your belt before attempting to post any music or mix here. This should be an unspoken rule, after all, you want people to give you honest feedback and props for your mixes. If your first post is a post all about your mix, it's pretty spammy, and heads are less likely to even bother downloading your mix if they don't know you. Don't forget to Introduce Yourself and that takes care of one post right off the bat.

2. Any genre* of mix or production is allowed,

4. NO GLASS HOUSES: Expect Honest Feedback and Provide Honest Feedback. All listeners are strongly encouraged to take a few minutes to comment on the mix that they downloaded. Just a few words is all that is expected. If the listener thinks it's a horrible mix, he or she should SAY "It's a horrible mix" and provide reasons why it's horrible. This gives the DJ a chance to improve their art. DJs should realize good or bad feedback is helpful and should try to not be offended by constructive criticism.

5. "FEEDBACK, Like a mic on a speaker" is all that will keep this forum alive. All DJs and producers should try to provide feedback for each other if they expect to get it for their own work. Without feedback, this forum is just another dime-a-dozen mixtape blog or message board, so we can't reiterate enough the importance of this rule-of-thumb.

6. Use 3rd Party Websites to Host your mp3 download or embedding. While does allow for small mp3 attachments, it will not accept longer mp3s beyond 8MB, so mp3 mixtapes are too large to attach to the thread directly.

7. No Viruses or Spyware. (I feel stupid saying that, it should go without saying, but hey, it's the Internet.)


  • In the Subject, Include the artist name, name of the mix or song, and genre.
  • If at all possible, try to Include ad-free, or instant direct download links from reputable third party sites. Free mp3 hosting sites don't always allow for ad free, but if available that is recommended.
  • Test Your Links Before Posting
  • Tracklisting and artwork enhance the listener experience, although excluding tracklisting can make for an interesting music knowledge test for your listeners.

All reputable 3rd party direct download sites are all accepted for posting links to or embedding music to on this forum.

Click here for Soundcloud and Mixcloud Embedding Instructions.


*Any genres allowed except Polka, waltz or Irish Beer Drinking Music mixtapes

“Lesser artists borrow... great artists steal.” - Igor Stravinsky
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