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rchecka - Jacked (A Meat Beat Manifesto DJ Mix)

Posted by rchecka 
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avatar rchecka - Jacked (A Meat Beat Manifesto DJ Mix)
August 09, 2017 09:19PM

Years ago I had the honor of briefly meeting my techno hero Jack Dangers after he heard this mix. Somehow the mix got to him and he hooked me and 4 friends up with free tickets to his Chicago show at the Crowbar. It was seriously one of the most exciting things that could happen to me at that moment years ago.

I kind of forgot about this mix in the years that passed but I know there's a ton of Meat Beat fans or just fans of big beat techno out there that would appreciate the large amount of time, effort and money that went into collecting this music and mixing it all up into one continuous mix of meaty beats.

Nuff said, here it is. Hope you enjoy it. thumbs up


Track Listing:

01. R-Check - The Missle Knows
02. MBM - Acid Again (LP Version)
03. MBM - Acid Again (Freddy Fresh Remix)
04. Consolidated - Butyric Acid (Jack's Synthage Mix)
05. MBM - Edge of No Control Part 2 (LP Version)
06. MC 900 Foot Jesus - Killer Inside of Me (MBM Mix 1)
07. MBM - God O.D. part 3 (12" Version)
08. MBM - God O.D. part 1 (LP Version)
09. MBM - Genocide (LP Version)
10. MBM - I Got the Fear (A.A.W LP Version)(Interlude)
11. MBM - Original Control (Electro the Robot)
12. MBM - I Got the Fear Part 2 (LP Version)
13. MBM and DHS - Cease to Exist
14. MBM - I Got the Fear (Opus Remix)
15. Nine Inch Nails - Closer (Jack's Deviation Remix)
16. Tino Corp.- Basic Rudiments
17. Scorn - Silver Rain Fell (MBM Remix)
18. MBM - Simlacra Part 1
19. R-Check - The Devil's Nurtured and Fostered Beats
20. MBM - It's the Music (LP Version)
21. MBM - It's Just the Music
22. MBM - Mindstream (Orbital's Mind the Bend the Mind Remix)
23. MBM - Strap Down (Give Your Body Its Freedom 12" Mix)
24. MBM - Prime Audio Soup (Herbalizer Remix)
25. MBM - Prime Audio Soup (LP Version)
26. MBM - Strap Down Part 1 (LP Version)
27. Empirion - Narcotic Influence (MBM Remix)
28. MBM and the Orb - Insane
29. MBM - Electric People (LP Version)
30. MBM - Not This Record (Interlude)
31. MBM - Soul Driver
32. Tino Corp.- Synthetic Vibrations Dub
33. MBM - Radio Babylon (Luke Vibert Mix 2)
34. MBM - Asbestos Lead Asbestos (Mellowtrons Remix)
35. MBM - Do Not Readjust (Interlude)
36. MBM - Prime Audio Soup (Boards Of Canada Remix)
37. MBM - Radio Free Republic
38. Papa Brittle - Status Quo (Jack's Westminster Dub)
39. MBM - Retrograde Part 2 Dub We Are 1 (Dubloner Remix)
40. MBM - What Does it All Mean? (Avalon West Remix)
41. MBM - Dog Star Man\Helter Skelter (LP Version)
42. MBM - Transmission (Stately Pleasure Dub)
43. MBM - Fromage Dub
44. MBM - Echo in Space Dub (DJ Wally Remix)
45. MBM - Welcome to the Exciting World (Interlude)
46. MBM - Asbestos Lead Asbestos (Cover Version LP)
47. World Domination Enterprises - Asbestos Lead Asbestos (Original Version LP)
48. R-Check - The Deviation and Its Variation

Original Description

File Meat Beat Manifesto under the genre "Proto-Industrial-Techno-Hop" or
under "What the fuck kind of music is this anyway?"

Meat Beat Manifesto (1987 - 2017+) was formed by Jack Dangers and his
band-mate from Perennial Divide, Johnny Stevens. Since its manifestation,
Jack Dangers has been the brains and brawn behind the name Meat Beat
Manifesto. Jack is to MBM as Trent Reznor and Robert Fripp are to Nine
Inch Nails and King Crimson. Besides frequently releasing albums and
singles as MBM, Jack has made countless remixes and produced several
side projects including "Tino Corp." with Ben Stokes.

I've been collecting MBM\Jack Dangers releases and remixes since 92'.
It's been a daunting task since his numerous releases are so difficult to
hunt down, however, JD has always been one of my favorite electronic
musicians, so I've gone out of my way to get everything I could with his
name on it. So far I have collected all the MBM releases on CD and vinyl
except "Suck Hard" vinyl EP, "Nuclear Bomb" 12" (super rare), "Eccentric
Objects" vinyl EP (even more rare), and a few stray JD\MBM remixes.

I've made a couple of MBM mix tapes and compilation CDs in the past but
I was never satisfied with the end result. My old MBM mixes were crudely
mixed and compiled with few tracks. So with this mix, my goal was to cram
as many MBM songs as possible into one 79 minute CD. Also included are
some instrumentals I produced using various Jack Dangers samples taken
from his sample CDs and LPs. (Including Jack Danger's Tape Music 10",
Forbidden Planet Explored 2CD, and Loudness Clarifies 2CD)

Audio Sources:

Jack Dangers:
Tape Music 10" w/ Flexidisc, Forbidden Planet Explored CD, Loudness
Clarifies CD, Tino's Breaks vol. 1 and 2 CD, Tino's Breaks vol. 6 CD.

Meat Beat Manifesto:
Actual Sounds and Voices LP, Acid Again 12", Satyricon LP, God O.D
Part 3 12", Storm the Studio LP, Armed Audio Warfare LP,
Mindstream 12", Storm the Studio Remixes CD, It's the Music 12",
Strap Down Promo 12", Battersea Shield (w/ orb) CD single, Subliminal
Sandwich LP, Peel Sessions CD EP, Original Fire 2X12", Asbestos
Lead Asbestos Promo 12", Lovefingers 7", Pro-File Remix Sessions CD,
Echo In Space Dub 12", What Does It All Mean? Promo 12", 99% LP,
Transmission 12", R.U.O.K in Dub CD.

Consolidated - Butyric Acid 12", MC 900 Foot Jesus - Killer Inside of
Me 12", Nine Inch Nails - Closer CD single", Scorn - Ellipsis CD, Trance
Atlantic CD, Empirion - Narcotic Influence 12", World Domination Enterprises - Let's Play Domination LP

“Lesser artists borrow... great artists steal.” - Igor Stravinsky
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