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Christopher - Just South of Dallas (A Texas Underground Hip Hop Mixtape)

Posted by rchecka 
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avatar Christopher - Just South of Dallas (A Texas Underground Hip Hop Mixtape)
April 13, 2018 09:11PM
Mixed by a megafan of a region of Hip Hop and done so meticulously. Most of these songs are very difficult to find and he put this together in the best possible way. I downloaded this years ago when he dropped it on Diggers With Gratitude and it has stayed in rotation this whole time. I even burned it to CDR so I could play it in my car which I almost never do with downloaded mp3s.

I don't really know Christopher, I know he's a fellow member of Diggers With Gratitude and I know he made this super dope Texas Hip Hop Mix.

Here's the track listing of the known songs. Some songs have yet to be identified.

1. Odisi & The Funky Soul Generation - Ain't No More Gangstas (Black Pyramid Records)
2. Good Fellaz – Gangster Funk (Jade Records)
3. Street Military – Another Hit (Beatbox Records) 1992
4. Fesu – Goosebumps (Fang Records) 1994
5. Born 2wice - Child 4 Freestyle (Righteous/Yo! Records) 1990
6. Coppertone Conspiracy – Southern Hospitality (Evolution Records) 1992
7. Def, Stupid & Crazy Productions (Bru-Skee and the D.S.C Posse) – G Ride (B.O.S.S Entertainment) 1992
8. Simply Smooth – Get Busy One Time (Nation Records) 1989
9. Hustlers By Choice – Mr Buddy (Streetbeat Records) 1992
10. Skit – Chris isn’t welcome in the hood.
11. DJ Nas D Boy – Hill Street Blues (Precision Records) 1992
12. Gang Society – Just A Part Of The Game (Newstyle Records) 1995
13. Point Blank – 6 Deep (2 Way Records) 1991
14. Trinity Garden Cartel – Nothing Personal (Cartel/ Revolution Records) 1992
15. Square Frame Garden – Rings Around Saturn (Horizon Records) 1993
16. I.Q. – Funk E Nuff (RDL Records) 1991
17. Chief K.B Rock – Slippin (Krescent Records) 1990
18. A Posse – I Don’t Freestlye (Evolution Records) 1993
19. C.O.D – Out There Bad (Radical Records) 1990
20. Fesuy 20/20 – Power Driver (Gank Move Records) 1989
21. ??? (NOLA Record)
22. ??? (Smooth Criminal??? Mystery Dallas Record)
23. S.P.C Point Blank – After I Die (Big Tyme Records) 1992

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