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An Important Message for the Lurkers of this Forum

Posted by rchecka 
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avatar An Important Message for the Lurkers of this Forum
July 23, 2016 02:13PM
This forum is simple and straight forward. It's built by and for music lovers and crate diggers who contribute content out of a common passion for the music they love. Without these individuals contributing questions, comments and opinions about music, this place is not a community.

This is not designed to be a blog to be passively read by dumb, lazy, and otherwise useless lurkers curious about what music hipsters are telling you to put on your playlists. It's a collaboration of creative, energetic and hungry individuals of all music backgrounds, specialties, and experience levels dropping posts to educate, share and build their knowledge of all music.

This is a knowledge base built on active individuals confident enough in their own unique personal understanding of what is nothing less than a miracle of sound.

All are equal and welcome. Borders do not exist. No voice carries more weight in our choir, and no voice carries no weight. The passive intake of the discussions here does nothing for the community.

^This is the essence of a feedback loop and this is what makes all communities grow and build their understanding and appreciation of their common goal.

Message boards like ours are an old technology of the Internet. Forums are slowly fading into smaller, closely related cliques, as individuals start to absorb into the self-centrism that social media outlets facilitate. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are quick and easy and focus on the small social circles. With very little effort on these platforms our egos are stroked and we return to it hour by hour, minute by minute, addicted to our own hollow construct of our virtual self.

In these boxed-in outlets we read only the one-sided news we want and ignore everything outside our comfort zone passing it off as irrelevant. In the process we are becoming more introverted, closed minded, and turning into literal phone zombies obsessed with "likes" and our perceived virtual reckoning as we are becoming indifferent and completely disconnected from the "big picture".

This forum isn't that. Our forum is here for one simple yet one very vast purpose; to grow, share, and educate ourselves so we can understand as completely as possible the realm of music. Music is the one thing humans universally consume worldwide that enriches our lives. It is uniquely human, it represents all of us, it is our big picture.

This community needs your individual voice to grow.

If you are one of the thousands of daily readers we have here passively feeding off the words and opinions of others... If you are too introverted, busy or shy to become involved, we ask that you dig deep, find that spark in your gut, and spill it out here on us because without it, we will become stagnant. We need your insight to grow our common goal to it's full potential.

Please join us.


PS: Feel free to add on with any suggestions or feedback about how we can build here as a community. Also, if you have any personal questions or private matters you need answers for you will find administrative contact information at the bottom of every page. Thank You.

“Lesser artists borrow... great artists steal.” - Igor Stravinsky
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avatar Re: An Important Message for the Lurkers of this Forum
July 23, 2016 02:28PM
^^ well said homie !! We could definitely use some fresh voices and new opinions . I hope to see this forum stand the test of time , but as you said , we can't do it without help . I also urge you to not only read what we have to say , but give an opinion on it . Or better yet , just let us know what you're thinking and see what our opinions on it are . I'm sure that there is a lot of amazing music out there that we aren't touching on , so please join in and put us up on it ..
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avatar Re: An Important Message for the Lurkers of this Forum
July 23, 2016 07:55PM
^Agree with the comments above. We need some new blood here. Maybe that will even wake up some of the folks that haven't posted in awhile and get more activity going in general. If people want to lurk, that's cool, but the people that are posting content are going to get tired of doing that if they don't get some discussion going...it's kind of the point of a message board.


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