Lucky Brown - Raw Deal - Sketches and Relics


Lucky Brown - Raw Deal - Sketches and Relics Cassette


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 raw deal cassette

CDC-CS-02 - Lucky Brown - Raw Deal - Sketches and Relics

- Limited edition cassette of 52 worldwide.

1. Each tape will have a one of a kind A side that represents the suit and face value. (iE King of ♥️ or Ace of ♠️)

...Which card will you draw?

2. Each tape will be accompanied by a custom DL card and it's own mini card with the same face value as the cassette. The outer Norelco cassette case will be protected by a Norelco sleeve.

3. One lucky person will also receive the mini joker card which entities you to a free Lucky Brown 7" copy of Potatocakes, the first song of the demo featured on the mix!

Another funky non-stop sure shot mixed by rchecka.

Mastered by Fezzy Harper

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 raw deal cassette


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