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When Rappers Get Old They Become Actors.

Posted by rchecka 
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avatar Re: When Rappers Get Old They Become Actors.
December 07, 2012 04:59PM
I still cannot watch my wife's SVU unit or whatever and see Ice-T as a cop.
I mean...get that money Ice....I aint mad atcha, but I look at her and I say
this dude.....this dude made "Body Count"....among many other anti-cop
tracks. It blows my mind to see him on there. It's SURREAL.
She just looks at me with this....this STFU stare. No idea she has.

I hear you isaac, and I used to think that way. But I remember when Ice-T had a beef with Souljah Boy and he addressed that. He said something like (paraphrasing) "It's only acting, it's called Entertainment, and it's no different then when I rapped about killing cops" I thought he was right on point with that, if you think about it it's all just entertainment either way. He rapped about killing cops and had no intention of doing so and he acted as a cop even though he isn't one, neither rolls are real but both are.

Ice-T in particular was seriously playing a ROLE as a rapper, he bit his whole shit from Iceberg Slim.

What was Black Thought in?

Ice T has always claimed to have patterned his shit after Iceberg Slim...even his name....even to the pimping. I dont have a problem with Ice playing a cop...Even though he was still learning to be an actor, I thought his role in New Jack City was fitting for him.

Black Thought/Tariq Trotter was in 'Bamboozled'...and he played a prominent role as a mental ward security lead in 'On The Inside' - I'm sure he's been in other flicks as well, but those are the ones that I've actually seen.

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avatar Re: When Rappers Get Old They Become Actors.
December 07, 2012 06:46PM
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What was Eminem in besides 8 Mile? Didn't he basically play himself in that movie? I'll admit I never saw it, I'm not a huge Eminem fan. If that's his only movie roll then you can hardly call him an actor. Any rapper can play themselves, come on! LOLLOL

“Lesser artists borrow... great artists steal.” - Igor Stravinsky
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avatar Re: When Rappers Get Old They Become Actors.
December 07, 2012 07:39PM
Even playing Eminem was not an easy role for Eminem. He couldn't work it out. Too complicate I guess

Ps: you never said how many roles or what kind of roles they had to play for being in or out of the count. See Michael Jordan played in one movie as far as I can remember, Jam (a masterpiece). He played so well he won an Oscar and had to live the Bulls and all ^^

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avatar Re: When Rappers Get Old They Become Actors.
December 07, 2012 08:15PM
I know this is about list, but I could not help from expressing myself here.
I mean let's face it...none of these people are replacing Sidney Poitier or Denzel and Morgan anytime soon.I do think Queen Latifah and Will Smith had a creative edge because they were always entertainers at heart.They are multi faceted.You kind of got to throw the fact that they were actually rappers at one time out the window because they can do many different things.

So besides them, I would say to all these cats dont quit your day job.
as far as Ice-T..never could figure him out,I mean make the money my brother but don't
stand for anything politically in the process when you based your entire fame off of anti-police sentiment then you go ahead and play one on tv.That's a head scratcher right up there with the exploits of Ross.

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avatar Re: When Rappers Get Old They Become Actors.
December 07, 2012 08:41PM
^^^maybe Ice T playing cops is his own way of poking fun at the cops that he mocks, ridicules and/or threatens. I'm also guessing that his hard-line stance against, Any Police Department, USA, may have lightned over the years as he's aged...? You gotta admit, although the PD Gangs, with their street-judgments, racial profiling and foot-on-the-necks-of-minorities is still existant, i dont think its as brutal as it was in the 80's and early-mid90's...

I dont think Ice T's play of cop roles, doesn't even come near the fuckery of Officer Rawse's past professional background, fronting with his coke raps like he's living the life of Tony Montana. but i can't front, i fucks with alot of Officer Rawse's music, mostly because of the beats/music he chooses to spit on...it's all entertainment to me. boba fett

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