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BB-Code Formatting


This forum's user input is based on BBCode, so if you are familiar with BBCode you will already know much of this information. Before we get into the basics, here's he quick and easy way first.


The Easy Way, Push Buttons


The simplest and often quickest way to get your formatting is to use the built in BB-Code buttons above your message area.


BB-code Toolbar


Most Importantly


Preview First


The best tip is to press the preview button before posting. This allows you to see if the BB-code formatting works BEFORE you post so there is no need to fix anything. Keep previewing until it looks correct, and then post your message.



BB-Code Basics


For those unfamiliar with BB-Code, it's actually quite easy when you get used to how it works.

Formatting text and embedding objects is turned on when you surround text with the left and right bracket. [ ]

It is turned off when you surround text with left bracket, forward slash, and then right bracket.  [/]

For example, to bold a word, you format the word you want bolded by inputting this...

I want [b]this[/b] bolded.

That will output "this" as the only word bolded, like so.

I want this bolded.



BB-Code Input and Output Examples



Input=  I want [b]this[/b] bolded.

Output= I want this bolded.



Input=  I want [i]this[/i] italic.

Output= I want this italic.




Input=  I want [u]this[/] underlined.

Output= I want this underlined.



Input=  I want [s]this[/s] strikethrough.

Output= I want this strikethrough.




Input=  X[sub]2[/sub]

Output=  X2



Input=  X[sup]2[/sup]

Output=  X2


Text Color

Input= I want [color=#0000FF]this[/color] blue.

Output= I want this blue.


Text Size

Input=  I want [size=x-large]this[/size] extra large.

Output=  I want this extra large.

Text Size Options: x-large, large, medium, small, and x-small




Input=  I want [url=]this[/url] to link to Google.

Output=  I want this to link to Google.




Insert Horizontal Divider Line


Blah, blah...


Blah, blah...



Blah, blah...

Blah, blah...


Insert List



[*] First point
[*] Second point



First point

Second point


List Options: Instead of bullet points you may opt for numbers, letters, or roman numerals by changing the proceeding [list] to [list=1] for numbers, [list=a] for small letters, [list=A] for capital letters, [list=i] for small Roman numerals, or [list=I] for capital Roman Numerals.



Text Justify




















The simplest way to quote another member is to press the "Quote" link in the lower right hand corner of each members post. That will automatically populate the post you are making with that entire post's text and the quote code will be in place and ready for your specific response immediately following the quoted text.

To manually quote a user (or to quote a person from an external source)


[quote="Mr. Fred Rogers"]
A lot of people have asked me how they can get a trolley like mine to play with. And I usually say, "Why don't you just make one?"



Mr. Fred Rogers

A lot of people have asked me how they can get a trolley like mine to play with. And I usually say, "Why don't you just make one?"


NOTE: You can also quote others quoting others. Just click the "Quote" link on another quoted user and you'll see how each quote embeds within each other.

Also NOTE: It is customary to put the quote BEFORE your response to keep it in context so the readers are not reading your reaction first.




 Embedding Images, Videos, and mp3s



 Embedding Photos and Images and gifs

Embedding images is now easier than ever. The Cratedigging Co-Op automatically embeds all external URL image links that are in .jpg .gif or .png format.

The Easy Way, Paste the Image Link

Simply paste the image location url in any part of your post and when you press preview or post you will see the image automatically embedded.

For All Image Posting, we strongly recommend using free external image hosting websites, like or for posting pictures resulting in faster page load times.


NOTE: It is important that you resize your pictures if they are larger than 1200 pixels wide.

Take a moment and resize the photo either before uploading it to your image host, or after uploading it using your image host's photo size editing tools.

All images larger than 500 pixels wide or 600 pixels tall will be shown as a smaller picture members can click on to enlarge. This is to keep the page uniform and allow for faster page loading times.



The Hard Way Still Works Too

Even though all images are embedded simply by pasting the link of the image file, once in a while, there may be a time when you want to manually embed the image so it looks better against the white background. For example if you want the white background in your image to blend into the white background at CDC and not have a border created by the auto-embedder, then you may want to use the BB-Code switches to make the image appear border free. If you use the manual embedding option then no border will appear around your picture UNLESS it exceeds 500 px wide or 600 pixels tall.


To Embed an Image Manually

Let's pretend you wanted to embed one of your holy grail cassette tapes...

Input= [img][/img]




 Monty Python Grail Tape    





Embedding Videos

Video embedding of videos from YouTube, Google, Vimeo and other sites is currently available. If a major new video hosting provider comes along we can add that as an option later upon request.

A How To Example:

To embed a YouTube video...

1. Gather Your Video URL Link (either the long link OR the short link)

First find and go to that video's URL page. From there you can copy the actual URL link from your web browser like so...


youtube help




youtube help


2. Now Paste Your Video Link and Apply This BB-Code Switch.

Paste either the short url or long url link you copied between [video] and [/video] like so...









 Embedding mp3s



To embed an mp3 file you must have a direct download link from an external mp3 hosting website or a website directly storing your fully accessible mp3 files.

Personally I use Sendspace Pro ($8.99 a month) to host all of my mp3s for this forum, but there are other online options besides Sendspace that will also work here, as long as it is a direct download link.

Embedding mp3s WILL ONLY work if you use a direct download link.

Therefore Sendspace Free WILL NOT WORK since it is NOT a direct download link, nor will many other free file hosting sites unless they happen to provide a permanently hosted instant download link.


How to embed mp3s

1. Gather Your Direct mp3 Download URL Link.

Copy the direct download url from your file hosting site.

2. Paste Your Download Link and Apply This BB-Code Switch.


Example: To embed this Star Wars Tie Fighter sounding effect I used my Sendspace Pro, uploaded it, copied the direct download, and pasted it between the BB-code switch like so.






 ^ Don't see the playable embedded mp3?  Read on...


Flash Disclaimer 

Please Note: Since this is a Adobe® Shockwave\Flash player, it WILL NOT work on all browsers.  If you cannot see the mp3 embedded above, that is the case with the browser you are using right now.

For that reason we highly recommend if you are embedding your mp3s for sharing with others you also provide a direct download link for those on mobile devices that do not support flash. 


So formatting your post like this will give all readers on ALL platforms the ability to enjoy your music:







[url=]DIRECT DOWNLOAD[/url].









At some point we hope to get a functioning HTML5 mp3 player setup that works on more mobile platforms, but that's further on down the road.





Image Troubleshooting

If you get an error message or have troubles embedding images, it is most likely because the image is too large.  Resize it down to below 1200 pixels and try again. 


Video Embedding Troubleshooting

If video embedding doesn't work with the primary youtube link, try the share video link instead.  If that doesn't work, PM me the details of the problem and video link and I will check it out for you.


REMEMBER: For any other embedding troubleshooting or BB-Code troubleshooting pointers, please do not hesitate to PM me directly, your friendly neighborhood moderator, rchecka.  :)