FAQs, New User Help, and General Help
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FAQs, New User Help, and General Help


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To Sign Up To Become a New User:

1. Click Create A New Profile.

2. Enter your preferred User Name. (The only character that is not allowed is the period)

3. Enter your preferred valid email address, your preferred password, confirm password and click submit.

(Note: If the email was created recently, it may not pass our spam counter-measures, so please use an established email if you have issues getting the activation email with a brand new email account)

4. Soon you will receive an activation email at that email account. (NOTE: It may take up to 4 hours to receive that email.) 

NOTE: If you don't see the email after four hours, look in your Spam folder. If it's not there either, please email me directly and we will manually enable your account as soon as we can.

5. Once the email arrives you have to click on the link inside to activate your account. Until you click that link you will not be able to log in.

6. After clicking the activation link, you may now log in and drop knowledge!

NOTE: You may log in to the forum with your User Name, or your email address.

NOTE: Your password AND User Name are CASE SENSITIVE, so please make sure if you have spaces or caps or special characters in your User Name you are entering them exactly.

NOTE: We cannot see anyone's passwords, so we can't retrieve them for you. If you forgot it, you can reset your own password, or if that fails email me and we will do it for you.

Don't Worry! We will never give away, sell or use your email for ANY reason.  Your email is only used for your own personal access to the forum in case you forget your password and to verify you are a real person and not a spammer.   

Thanks for joining, we look forward to your discussions!




Member Status


Member status is based on the number of posts each member makes. We cannot change your status from New Jack to Student or so on, only by posting (contributing) will your status change.


Status Title vs No. of Posts

Lurker = 0 posts
New Jack = 1-19 posts
Student = 20-99 posts
Teacher = 100-199 posts
Street Knowledge = 200-499 posts
Street Wisdom = 500+ posts





Avatar Help


All Cratedigging Cooperative members are entitled to an avatar.  Avatars should be no larger than 125 pixels wide by 125 pixels tall nor should they exceed 40 KB in size.  Avatars can be in jpg format, gif or png format.  You may store up to five avatars at any time but you may select only one avatar at a time.

How to Attach Your Avatar

After you find and resize your avatar to no larger than 125 pixels wide by 125 pixels tall, you can upload it by clicking on your Control Center link, and then click on Avatars in the lower left hand side.


1. Click Browse, to browse to the location you saved your avatar. Once you select it then press submit and it will be uploaded.

cratedigging.co avatar help

2. Your avatar is now uploaded and visible to be selected.  Select the avatar of your choice by clicking on its bullet.

3. Lastly, click on Save Changes button at the bottom of that page and that avatar should be visible on all of your old and future posts until you select another one.