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Pioneer PL-50

Posted by Doorsfan59 
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Pioneer PL-50
May 20, 2019 03:57PM
I have a Pioneer PL-50 turntable. It is in excellent condition and it sounds great until it reaches the run off at the end of the album. When the needle lifts and the mechanism switches to return it sounds like a bomb goes off coming out of my speakers. What is causing this? Any help would be greatly appreciated
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May 26, 2019 06:12PM
Hello and welcome.

It might be a dirty micro switch that needs cleaning. Does it make the same noise when you manually move it from the run out groove to the run in or only when the player does it automatically?

If it only happens on automatic return try cleaning the micro switch with some Detoxit or some other electronic contact cleaner.

Fixing it involves disconnecting the deck completely from the electricity supply and amplifier, park the arm, remove the cartridge, mat and platter. Then lay the deck upside down with the dust cover on top of something like a towel and remove the base.

Spray the solution with the pipe to focus the spray just into the recesses of the microswitch. Then simply work the switch a few hundred times, more spray, more work. The goal is to get some spray inside the switch, not spray the stuff everywhere. Use dry Q-tips and paper towel to clean up any solution that goes where you don't want it.

Here's a pic of the microswitch which BTW is for sale reasonably priced with a few sellers on Ebay if you have no luck cleaning it.

Good luck and please follow up here with us after you attempt this with your results.

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