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Spin Clean Put to the Test, Passes With Flying Colors

Posted by rchecka 
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avatar Re: Spin Clean Put to the Test, Passes With Flying Colors
June 27, 2014 12:53PM
Bumping this thread, here's why...

So I bought this a few months back and finally had time to put some of my beloved AND beat up records thru the cycle.

^Work was slow so I tackled it in my office. It took me about 15 minutes a day for 3 days to clean about 90 records.


I cannot describe how happy I am with how these once almost unplayable records turned out. Many of them were just so filthy they could not be cleaned by even Groovy Cleaner so they couldn't be enjoyed. Turns out they just needed a little Spin Clean TLC and they actually improved in sound so much that I'd say they even went up in record grade. Keep in mind, not all record sellers grade by scratches and marks, some grade by sound quality and others included super filthy records as poor condition when they really aren't.

Sometimes it's easier to just show you. I don't have before pictures but these after pics do not lie. Look at the shine.

^These two Geto Boys LPs were beat up bigtime now they play with almost no surface noise.

^These two OGs I got for next to nothing since they were so bad looking and sounding. Now they sound flawless.

^An old 80s synth that had years of wear and a newer reissue that I somehow got filthy, both very enjoyable listens after the Spin Clean.

^The Bottom Record is Aux 88 - Bass Magnetic. Electronic music NEEDS to be free of pops and hiss since it's supposed to sound inherently futuristic. These records had so much noise I couldn't enjoy them. Now they are as crispy sounding as it gets.


For those who have a lot of beat up or filthy records, this is your best bang for the buck. At the price, (over 100 dollars) it's not cheap, but if you have piles of unplayable records sitting around this basically pays for itself in the value of the records restored to their former glory.

“Lesser artists borrow... great artists steal.” - Igor Stravinsky
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