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Record purchases that piss you off !!!

Posted by jaybrown 
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avatar Re: Record purchases that piss you off !!!
September 29, 2016 12:18AM
Yesterday there was 25 left . Does this help to s lp copies ?? I never noticed that with anybody else before ...

A few possibilities:

-They moved some of the inventory off bandcamp (BC takes a percentage of physical sales as well as digital)

-They are trying to create a sense of urgency for people to pull the trigger

For the latter, I've seen eBay and Discogs sellers do that all the time. They have one copy of an album listed and sell it, then list another one. The reality is they have plenty of copies sitting in a box or warehouse and they are moving slowly but steadily at best. You can always contact the seller directly and ask how many copies they actually have, or how many copies were actually pressed. There are very few artists on BC that can sell out preorders or sell out stock very quickly. Silent Season is a good example. They do limited CDs with handmade packaging that often sell out in a week or less.


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