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avatar Dem' films....
November 09, 2012 07:11AM
Never like to use the term Blaxploitation.
Because in the 70s those movies gave us our cool, our inspiration,
made us laugh,cry,dance,etc..watching our urban lives transformed into the big screens
backed by major studios to me was not exploitation, it was like watching the nightly news,
it was welcome entertainment during some rough fiscal times in the NY.
My families main spot was the EARLE Theater on the Grand Concourse near Yankee Stadium,
and the DOVER which was further down on 167.

They became favorites in the early day video stores, then later were digitized and re-mastered for DVD.
Ok,now which ones were your favorites and why?
Also when did you first get turned on to them?

For me it was...

1. Willie Dynamite -
This one was about a pimp trying to make it to the top of his peers,and caught a conscience
down the road when a social worker tried to help him save a young lady of the night.
The main dude was Roscoe Orman....Yes Gordon form Sesame Street.

2. Truck Turner -
Anytime Issac Hayes got down with his,you had to be there.It also starred Nichelle Nichols
as the Queen B (a woman pimp)...Yes the same lady that played Lt. Uhuru from Star Trek.

3.Trouble Man -
Not only did Marvin gaye rock the soundtrack, but Robert Hooks played the lead.
He epitomized cool,I always thought he was better than Fred Williamson because he got down with his a little smoother.

* Some of the language is GRAPHIC.
But I guess were all adults,right.
No offense to anyone is intended,enjoy.
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Re: Dem' films....
November 09, 2012 04:59PM
Man I LOVE the Marvin Gaye soundtrack to Trouble Man, admittedly never saw the movie.

I'll be honest, I have a bunch of Blaxpoitation soundtracks that I love and never saw the movie.
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Re: Dem' films....
November 09, 2012 05:03PM
Also, I'm listening to the Roy Ayer's "Coffy" soundtrack right now actually. I only bought this a month or so ago and I've been rinsing it repeatedly!
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avatar Re: Dem' films....
November 09, 2012 06:42PM
So many good soundtracks by so many huge players. I only saw a few of these flicks truthfully. Not nearly enough to comment on the films themselves, but the music I can comment on.

Just copped this at a local store for dirt cheap yesterday and it's got a few staple breaks on it!

Quincy Jones - The Lost Man OST (UNI Records) 1969

“Lesser artists borrow... great artists steal.” - Igor Stravinsky
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avatar Re: Dem' films....
November 09, 2012 08:40PM
outside of the typical, classic, known Blaxploitation flicks, that everyone knows and loves, i'd have to say:

Big Time

^^ I coudn't find a pic of the movie i used pic of the soundtrack

Black Belt Jones

Bustin Loose

The Education Of Sonny Carson

The Spook Who Sat By The Door

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