rchecka - Dwight the Beat Farmer Cassette


rchecka - Dwight the Beat Farmer Cassette

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 Dwight the Beat Farmer cassette

Limited to 30 cassettes worldwide!  No digital downloads are available so this is a physical only release.  Your purchase of this cassette will ship within 3 days of your order.  Satisfaction guaranteed. 

Years of crate digging actualized...  A lifetime of listening in the making. 



"Dope instrumental album and concept by rchecka. Beats are really slick and creative.”

- Mr. Echoes of The Opus (Rubberoom)

 "Rchecka's approach is far more painstaking. It involves actually sampling hundreds of breaks from his own massive vinyl collection and then carefully assembling them into a dense, diverse, almost semi-avantgarde take on 90s boom bap" 

- Patient OT

 "The production value here is astounding. I cannot even begin to imagine how much of a nightmare it must have been to get the mix to be this dynamic while retaining the precious texture and character from all of the various source materials."

Record Crates United

 "I finally got it in the mail and was anxious to hear it but still half expecting a parody Office hip hop record......nope. It sure as hell was not that. At all. What we have here is an extremely well produced eclectic collection of tried and true instrumental hip hop beats. Culled from his vast collection of records.  Rchecka's album criss crosses all over the spectrum of sampled vocals and loops.  If I were to hand select something from this to be the single, it would absolutely be the track “Moog Knows No Rogue Diode” a fantastic beat acknowledging the age old and consistently fascinating concept of the spiritual and mental connection of human and technology."

- Toothpick Nick





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