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Welcome to your exclusive U.S. source for independent non-American labels, musicians and DJs. American collectors finally have an affordable, convenient shipping option fulfilled by an experienced and trusted local distributor for high quality foreign labels.


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Featured Records

Fuzzy Ed - Mythology LP

The Good People - The Fall Back EP"



Oxygen - Age Appropriate LP

Emskee - Wall To Wall 12"


Cut Beetlez - Droppin' Needlez 12"

Cut Beetlez - What Beetlez? LP


NiLLa - Valkyrie 2LP

Aroma LP


Truck - Food For Thought LP

Dillon & Paten Locke - Rap Safari 7"


Truck - 3,665 7"

Junior Disprol & Mr Rumage – Invasion 7"


Make It Happen Remix 7"

Matches 7"


Popcorn/Pieces Will Align 7"

Breakdown 7"


Sie Beans OBE - Part Of It 7"

Truck - Able To Stable 7"


J & MO' - Rhymes Be Bomb 7"

Hosie - Hip Hop Lives 7"


New Tapes and Records Are Coming Soon...  Stay tuned!



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