Nicholas Howard Botka - Live at Timbre Room - June 7, 2017


Nicholas Howard Botka - Live at Timbre Room - June 7, 2017 Cassette

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 NHB cassette

Cratedigging Cooperative is proud to present...

Nicholas Howard Botka - Live at Timbre Room - June 7, 2017 Cassette

Cratedigging Cooperative Records - CDC-CS-10 - Limited Edition of 50 cassettes worldwide.


Release Notes from NHB:

Side A: This recording is one of a few solo performances I did while living in Seattle, from 2014 to 2019. Some of these were 'portastudio' gigs, live mixing and effecting 4-track cassettes, but 'Live at the Timbre Room' and the rest were done with my small synth setup and electric guitar. At the time I was using a Roland Tr-8, a Korg Microkorg, an Arturia Microbrute, a Critter & Guitarri Pocket Piano, a Line 6 Echo Park delay pedal, a little First Act '222' electric guitar, a small Korg Kaoss pad and an Ipod Shuffle loaded with field recordings.

Side B: At the time I was taking a lot of long field recordings -- birds, rain, waves -- and incorporating these into my studio recordings and live performances. This particular recording was taken on April 24, 2017 at my Dad's home near Eld Inlet in Olympia, WA. This track plays behind my live set at the Timbre Room and timed so that when the jet flies overhead I would know when to start fading out. I always appreciate the extra dimension that these recordings can bring to an electronic composition and the way they bring unreal sounds into a physical space.


Transparent cassette comes in a clear Noreclo case with an individually hand crafted die-cut J-Card cover.

• Text design & stamping by NHB

• Video textures by StillVHS

• CMYK Risographs printed by Travis Rommereim


Cassette recording remastered by rchecka

Manufactured and distributed by Cratedigging Cooperative Records


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