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Digable Planets and Camp Lo !!!!

Posted by jaybrown 
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avatar Digable Planets and Camp Lo !!!!
July 25, 2016 04:11AM
I'm gonna try this again since I had this 90% typed up yesterday and accidentally closed it out without saving . I apologize because this time I will be giving you a shortened version . I also apologize for my terrible photography ...
So Thursday night I went out for the Digable Planets / Camp Lo show . The night started out with the DJ for Camp Lo giving us a great " Tour through the years of hip hop " mix . It impressed me how many of the younger kids in the audience were actually singing along to the old school and golden era joints . The show sold out , so there were so many people there that their singing almost drown out the live music . Their mix ran straight into Camp Lo's opening song . I've always liked Camp Lo , but have to admit that I was truly only there for Digable Planets . I also have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised with CL's live show . Although there wasn't a lot of crowd interaction during their set , they kept the place hype . Just straight hip hop the whole set like it was meant to be , Dj and emcees ..

^^ Camp Lo rockin the party !! They played all the classic joints and their more recent efforts from last year . No disrespect to them , but after copping the latest cd at the show , I have to admit that I enjoyed it much better at the show than I did on the car ride home . Either way , they kept it live .
Now for the part I had been waiting to see for more years than I care to count . Digable Planets came with a full band . As their set started the band steps out with pre recorded music still playing . And what better song than Reunited by Peaches Herb . Again I was surprised to see the younger cats singing along . Then the band kicked in . They were amazing . And then it happened ... Butterfly , Ladybug Mecca , and Doodlebug hit the stage . I've never heard a smaller venue like that get so loud . I think capacity in there is 500 , but too me it sounded like an arena crowd . I could not believe after all these years how on point they were ...

^^ Digable Planets killin it . Again , sorry about the bad photos . With Digable being backed with the live band , they seemed to let them take a few liberties with the beats , and in my opinion , they all paid off . They managed to play most of their catalog . They also gave the band a lot of focus too . A good bit of the show played out like a jazz / funk show , but it didn't take away from the fact that it was a Digable Planets show and not the backing band only . There was a lot of crowd interaction and Butterfly gave some nice spoken word and slid in some slick freestyle during the crowd time .. As the set ended , everybody hung out on stage and gave autographs to fans . This made me feel like an idiot as I was ill prepared and didn't have a marker or a single thing to get autographed . I at least got daps . Then everybody headed to the back . I got in line at the merch booth . While I was waiting , all the members of the group and band came back out into the crowd . I was feeling anxious as I wanted to try to speak to them before I left . This line took forever . I copped my concert poster and a cd and headed back over . By the time I got over , Doodlebug and Butterfly were heading back . But I did manage to speak to Ladybug Mecca briefly . But , as a highlight to the night , I managed to get a pic with her !!! She headed back and I headed home . What a great night . If this tour makes it out your way , I advise copping tickets ...
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avatar Re: Digable Planets and Camp Lo !!!!
July 25, 2016 07:26PM
Fantastic, and I'm jealous as hell. For years I've wanted to see Digable Planets, never got around to it. I remember having a huge crush on Ladybug as a kid, that's so awesome that you got that photo! in love

It's good to hear they had a live band, I remember when Guru did that on his Jazzmatazz 5 tour and when it works, it works! I have no doubt they made that work well, they always have been good at incorporating either live jazz or unusually long jazz samples into their mix. For those who don't know, they are all about Jazz and even had a nice comp dropped on Blue Note records not long ago as proof.

Sounds like one hell of a night man. I'd love to visit you in Nashville for one of these shows, the timing and funds need to be right but it's on my bucket list for sure.thumbs up

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avatar Re: Digable Planets and Camp Lo !!!!
July 28, 2016 03:24AM
^Very cool. I like Camp Lo's first album a lot but never checked out their later stuff. I could see the live band approach working very well for Digable. I had no idea they were touring. Sounds like it was a great show. Do you know if they are planning on recording new stuff at all?


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avatar Re: Digable Planets and Camp Lo !!!!
July 28, 2016 03:54AM
There was no mention of recording new material . I haven't heard any rumors either , but after seeing the live show , I think they could still pull it off and sound great doing it .

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