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Old School Hip Hop Night @ Wingate Park, Brooklyn USA

Posted by EyeGetzRaw 
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avatar Old School Hip Hop Night @ Wingate Park, Brooklyn USA
July 23, 2013 12:12AM
Gonna make it brief and to the point....good show, had a blast, free show (and worth every penty), rained all damn night right up until final half of closing act, people hung in there anyway!

Chubb Rock opened....his DJ ran through some classics (Hip Hop and non Hip Hop)...he ripped through Treat Em Right and surprisingly got much love with Just The Two Of Us....brought out a ton of guests...Joeski Love for Pee Wee's Dance...Dana Dane for Nightmares....Sadat X for Slow Down....Kwamé for The Rhythm....

Whodini blessed it next....these cats still know how to smoove it out AND bring the energy...GM Dee played a couple more classics before launching into Funky Beat. They rocked BK with a few hits...Friends, 5 Mins of Funk...then they let Doc Ice from UTFO drop a verse from Roxanne Roxanne (...oddly enough, the Educated Rapper's Barry, Harry, Larry verse) and drop a freestyle "Acapulco"....more BK native love....

The God....Rakim....came up next and annihilated the crowd with I Ain't No Joke...followed by a string of hits including Move The Crowd, What's On Your Mind, Eric B. Is President, and the ridiculousness of My Melody, which sent the crowd into orbit....the R got that Brooknam love like only they can give it....(side note...this is now the 2nd time in a row it rained on us at a Rakim show....gotta start calling him the Thunder God!)

Brooklyn stood up and saluted (well, really they had been standing since the opening act) my man, the smooth operator....and the headliner of show...Big Daddy Kane....and a well deserved salute it was....his opening salvo?....Nuff Respect Due...after that lyrical workout, it was academic but, Kane proceeded to rip the frame out the park. Slick paring of breaks and the classic lyrics to a few of his joints kept it fresh. Marley stopped through, as did Roxanne Shante. And, of course, no BDK show on the planet of Brooklyn would be complete without the 3 man dance routine from I Get The Job Done....but the shutdown move of the night was Marley tellin' Kane, "I don't care who's first......"........by the time he got to a drop of a dime, baby, Masta Ace was two steps onto the stage and opening the classic..."Listen closely....."....pandemonium!!!.....all parties were present except, Kool G. Rap....but 3 out of 4?....still classic!!!

Rain couldn't put a damper on this party....in fact for a minute or two, Eye thought we were transformed back in time to the Whodini Escape and Freaks Come Out videos with all the umbrellas in the crowd!
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avatar Re: Old School Hip Hop Night @ Wingate Park, Brooklyn USA
July 23, 2013 06:11AM
Sound amazing .. except for the rain . I haven't seen any of those artists live , and feel like I'm running out of time to get that opportunity . Thanks for sharing , and making me jealous .
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avatar Re: Old School Hip Hop Night @ Wingate Park, Brooklyn USA
July 23, 2013 01:16PM
Great breakdown Eye. Man, I wish I was closer to these kind of shows, sounds like a little piece of heaven to see all those cats.

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Re: Old School Hip Hop Night @ Wingate Park, Brooklyn USA
July 25, 2013 08:01PM
I couldn't make itreally angry

"Smoke sumpin' bitch!"
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avatar Re: Old School Hip Hop Night @ Wingate Park, Brooklyn USA
July 28, 2013 10:26PM
Excellent report, EyeGetz...thanks a million. I miss being in the Mecca and having access to the various shows. I appreciate the breakdown on that joint...performance for performance.

Did BDK spit anything form this new album that ice been hearing about for the past year and some change? I've heard like two joints....sounds got. I understand he's been performing with a live band..?


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