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Spanish music ?

Posted by blindwillie 
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Spanish music ?
May 31, 2014 10:38PM
Hello everybody !

I'm looking for Spanish or latinos artists who would play that music style:

[www.dailymotion.com] (the extract which illustrates this documentary is from 8min08 to 8min50).

I wouldn't know how to qualify that style: western bolero, desert spanish/mexican guitar winking smiley

If you have some references, I am interested !

Thanks you !
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avatar Re: Spanish music ?
March 28, 2015 09:23AM
The genre is called Flamenco music. BW

It's late and the head is cloudy but I have a few albums in this genre back home.
I can't remember much but ....

Look up Paco De Luca or Carlos Montoya and start from there...
best I can do off the head.
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avatar Re: Spanish music ?
April 01, 2015 07:37PM
I know very little about Flamenco, but Sabicas and Paco Pena are two artists I really like (older stuff).


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