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WANTLIST: rchecka's wantlist

Posted by rchecka 
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avatar Re: WANTLIST: rchecka's wantlist
November 30, 2016 09:11AM
That's always a good feeling. I didn't even look at the RSD list this year because I'm on hiatus from buying records right now. Like every other year, if there is anything I want, it's usually available way after RSD is over and I'll just buy it when I'm ready.

Haven't heard PFP in years. I don't remember being into them that much but will have to put this on the list of things to check out based on your rec.

I'm happy to cross this one off my list thanks to the RSD gods...

Porno For Pyros ‎– Good God's Urge LP

^For once they read my mind and decided to reissue something I actually wanted.


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