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Member to Member Trade Rules

Posted by rchecka 
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avatar Member to Member Trade Rules
September 23, 2015 07:33PM
This sub is specifically for PIFs (Pay it Forward), member to member physical media music trading, individual member's public wantlists, or member to member sales. NO SALES POSTS will be accepted from web stores and no store advertising or spam is allowed.

Before posting in this sub forum, please read the rules.


  • Do not participate in member to member trading UNLESS you have AT LEAST 5 POSTS under your belt. This is not about snatching up free stuff and then moving on, it's for active, contributing members only.
  • A trade works best when it is tit for tat. LP for LP, CD for CD, 12" for 12" 3 LPs for 3 LPs, one 7" for one 7", etc.


    For example: A trade might cost the first guy who shipped out a 3LP rare record 50 dollars and he or she might only get back a 3LP that's worth 3 dollars, that's the deal. This, like PIFs, is NOT about money, it's about thoughtfully gifting a record or tape or CD to another member knowing they will appreciate it and hopefully they will send you something you didn't know existed that you appreciate because it was gifted thoughtfully as well. It should be thought of as basically trading music knowledge with like-minded music fans.
  • They can be random trades or specific trades, it's all about the 2 trader's individual member to member agreement. Don't ship anything to anyone unless it is clear to both parties what expectations are there.
  • Trades should be set up and agreed upon from member to member with the proper information communicated ahead of time. Random trades can be pretty fun, you never know what you will get but specific trades are certainly welcome as well.

    For example a trade topic could be:
    "RANDOM TRADE: Who wants to trade in the US? I'll go first with an LP."
    or it can be specific like...
    "I have a LED ZEP II LP for trade with anyone in the UK who wants to trade another LP"
  • Any contributing member can claim the first trade knowing they will need to trade an LP to the sender in return. Obviously trust must be there so only start a trade initiation if you trust someone can guess what you might like in the same format. However long you want to keep the trade agreement running is up to the two involved. A reasonable amount of time in between trades should be expected but if a month or two has gone by and you haven't shipped a reciprocal trade record that's no longer reasonable. Show courtesy and return a reciprocal trade immediately upon receiving a trade record. Note: INTERNATIONAL TRADES ARE ALLOWED but remember shipping times vary greatly and the risk and shipping fees are much higher so be wary of initiating overseas trades.
  • Don't look a gift horse in the mouth. No complaining about condition or quality or music selection when it was free. Minds cannot be read so if you don't like your random trade you received just smile and be happy and still do your best to return trade as thoughtful as possible. This is about exposure to music you otherwise would not know of, so occasional disappointments should be expected amongst traders.
  • DO NOT POST ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION ON A TOPIC, PM EACH OTHER AFTER FIRST CONTACT IS INITIATED AND EXPECTATIONS FULLY AGREED UPON ON A TRADE TOPIC. No emails or shipping addresses should be publicly posted, that should all be done privately in PMs amongst the 2 parties.
  • The Cratedigging Cooperative is not responsible for any missing items or mishandled member to member shipments. This service is free for participating Cratedigging Cooperative members only and it is to be used at your own risk.

“Lesser artists borrow... great artists steal.” - Igor Stravinsky
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