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Turntable Help - Technical Questions - Troubleshooting - No Stupid Questions Forum - START HERE

Posted by rchecka 
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avatar Turntable Help - Technical Questions - Troubleshooting - No Stupid Questions Forum - START HERE
September 24, 2015 09:10PM
We have all been there. We all started with nothing. So it's understandable there's a lot to learn about jumping into the hobby of collecting records and audio gear in general.

This sub forum is specifically set up for helping anyone who needs assistance with any technical problems or questions they may have. If it's something as simple as a records skipping problem, or turntable advice, or cleaning tips, this is where you should ask. Or, if it's a more advance question related to any music or production gear, by all means ask those too!

At some point after we get enough questions and answers we will build a FAQs thread specifically for repeated questions, but at this point, it's any question goes.

The ONLY rule is...

There are NO stupid Questions Here.

Therefore there will be no unhelpful responses when answering even the most basic advice related or troubleshooting questions.

For example...

These Types of Questions

  • Why is my turntable skipping?
  • Is this a decent turntable for the price?
  • How do you fix a warped record?
  • What's the best way to clean a filthy bar record that had beer spilled on it?
  • Why is there only the left channel when I play records?
  • What's a better needle option?
  • etc.

^Those are just examples, whatever question you have, by all means, ask away.

Our goal is to make this forum a ever growing knowledge base for all present and future music collectors, and really, that will only happen when you ask your questions.

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