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A few New Forum Enhancements Added thumbs up

Posted by rchecka 
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avatar A few New Forum Enhancements Added thumbs up
December 07, 2011 09:14PM
User Subscription Module

Now users can subscribe to topics, sub forums, and the entire forum with more control. While logged in, go into your Control Center and click on forum subscriptions. From there it is self explanatory.

User Image Gallery

No longer do forum users need external image hosts like photobucket and the like. Users can upload images to their own personal gallery and OPF will host the images for public viewing as long as the image is no wider then 600 px, taller then 800 px.

To Upload Images: Log in and go into your Control Center, click on Image Gallery. There you will see more specific information on how to upload images to your gallery.

To Show Images on Posts\Threads: After the image is uploaded to the Image Gallery, Click on the Info Button underneath the image you desire, copy the url, and in the thread click the image button and paste in the url or wrap the [ img ] tags around the picture url.

PM me if you have questions, difficulties or enhancement requests.

Stop Forum Spam

Unregistered users are now checked against the Stop Forum Spam database before being allowed to register. This is in testing phase, so if there are any bugs please let me know via email.

In development right now...

Simplified Soundcloud and Mixcloud Embedding Modules

Question for members:
Is there any desire to have a Thank User or Flame User module? It's developed but I don't know if it's something users really can relate to so I haven't enabled it.

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