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Another reason why DGA is so awesome !!

Posted by jaybrown 
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avatar Another reason why DGA is so awesome !!
September 22, 2016 04:54AM
I have been buying records from Dustygroove for a little over 10 years now . I have yet to ever have an issue with them . I had 2 really warped records show up one time and they immediately made it right . Aside from that , zero issues . I noticed on their site that they had been asking for comments and suggestions lately . I sent a comment basically telling them how much I love their site . Pretty much a thank you for being you note . About 2 days later I was browsing and noticed something . Everytime I browsed a category, I would search the LPs , then 45s , then 12"s .. I then sent them a suggestion that they include a "vinyl" tab for those of us who don't discriminate against vinyl size . We talked about it a few times over email , and today, I noticed that there is now a vinyl tab you can click that gives all of it to you at one time . It's nice to know that they don't just sell me records , they listen !! F**king awesome !!!
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avatar Re: Another reason why DGA is so awesome !!
September 22, 2016 09:07PM
That is a good feeling when stores take your advice, as they should. I asked them years ago to put that back to top button on their mobile template and on their last update I was happy to see they did that improvement. Next time you are browsing on your phone you'll see it as you scroll down in the lower right.

I know I've spent tens of thousands of dollars at DGA since I started collecting records years ago. They've always been my go to seller online. It's not a secret, people are figuring it out and that's why the good stuff disappears instantly from stock when they do their updates. Damn hovering vinyl hawks just waiting for that update then they swoop down out of the sky and gather up all the joints before you can even add it to your cart it's gone.

Oh well. There's always another day.

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avatar Re: Another reason why DGA is so awesome !!
September 28, 2016 09:37PM
I've ordered from DGA a few times and generally had good experiences. Overall they get more things right than they get wrong, especially compared to most online sellers of used records. Anyone that knows me knows I don't like buying used vinyl online at all...

Jay, it's funny you should mention warped records. I received a few from them that were like that, let them know on my next order, and they pretty much did nothing about it or and didn't even acknowledge my note. If they were expensive LPs I probably would've been more upset and raised a bigger fuss out of it. I also received a record that was badly off center, but let that go and just found another copy of the same LP at a local shop.

Re: the warps, I'm not sure what happened in my case. It was very warm when I did some of those orders. It's possible the warps happened in transit. I had an LP show up around the same time from the other side of the country that almost looked like a taco before I even opened the package. That definitely happened in transit.


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