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Created an app for discovering new vinyl releases

Posted by kokenjr 
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Created an app for discovering new vinyl releases
May 03, 2017 09:51PM
I've recently created an app that allows you to browse latest vinyl releases and re-issues. 

Check it out: 

Some of the features include: 
- Add to Wishlist 
- Notifications when new records are out 
- Notifications when a record in your wish list is released 
- Search for an artist or record 
- Filter by genre/label 
- Preview on Spotify/Discogs 
- Find great records on the cheap 

I'm still working on adding new features and fine tuning some things, but I wanted to get some feedback. Open for suggestions and recommendations.
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avatar Re: Created an app for discovering new vinyl releases
July 23, 2017 02:23PM
I decided to check out this app , but seriously expected it to be all pop music . I was thinking it would be like flipping through the records in Urban Outfitters . I am happy to admit that I was wrong . I immediately upon opening this app found a Magic In Threes 7" that I would have slept on because I had no idea they put out anything that wasn't on GED Soul . This app seems to be very thourough with newly released vinyl , popular or not . All genres . Great job with this one!!!
@Rchecka or LionsMouth , I accidentally hit the -1 tab at the bottom of the original post and didn't mean to . Can that be fixed ????
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