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Posted by rchecka 
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avatar Gadgets
April 11, 2013 05:21PM
This one alone is thread worthy...

Bottoms up beer tapper...

^The perfect pour every time.

Cobra Tag

^Track your misplaced keys by using your Android or BlackBerry phone and vice versa. Once paired via Bluetooth, If phone and keys are ever separated, the keychain Tag and phone both make and audible chime. Users can also just press a button on either the Tag or in the app to manually set off the chime. The Cobra Tag app also marks the GPS coordinates where the devices separated and can automatically send that location via e-mail and social networks, so you’ll know exactly where the phone or keys were left behind.

I want both of these, remember this when my birthday is coming up I expect these or something even better. Freddie

add on.

“Lesser artists borrow... great artists steal.” - Igor Stravinsky
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avatar Re: Gadgets
April 12, 2013 08:03PM
That tapper is so cool
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Re: Gadgets
April 17, 2013 01:43AM
My keyboard is a gadget I take for granted far too much and in the best way possible. Beyond being a very nice keyboard in its own right the wireless and solar charging—actually, not even solar, any light—is awesome.
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