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Do your thing,Sam

Posted by BM31 
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avatar Re: Do your thing,Sam
March 14, 2013 03:37PM
so true. It's interesting, watching these videos (watched a couple of him doing some impressions, his Nat King Cole is great!) there's also the distinct feeling that this is "showbiz" entertainment: he's really carrying a whole show as the lead entertainer...not something that happens much anymore.

Straight up,Hip Hop should have given Sammy an honorary FIRST EMCEE award.
This guy is in control of the crowd from word go.Clearly the best Master of Ceremonies ehvuh!

Sammy was the mufukkin' man!

who would win in an Entertainers face-off: Wayne Brady or Sammy Davis Jr.?

I got Sammy big time at about 7/2 odds,Up.
Wayne can do his thing,no lie.
But Sammy could do so many and he was really good at them.
That drum skit that Vamo laced,was some remarkable s**t when you really look at it!

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