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Here's the place for: Power Pop and Glam

Posted by whyaduck 
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avatar Re: Here's the place for: Power Pop and Glam
March 15, 2018 08:19PM
Badfinger - Wish You Were Here LP

Not a rabid fan of this band, but I dig Straight Up a lot, and this is probably my second favorite after that one. It's a bit mellower in places and not as upbeat as that album, heavy on some Beatle-esque moments here and there even though this is clearly a product of the 70s, not the 60s. Unfortunately I have very mixed feelings on this Rhino reissue. It's a limited reissue on green vinyl pressed by one of my least favorite plants (Rainbo in California) and is a bit noisier than I'm willing to accept. Unfortunately neither Rhino nor the Independent Distribution Alliance wants to stand behind the records they put out anymore, so I'm stuck with this until I can source a better copy.


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