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Dem' films....

Posted by BM31 
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avatar Re: Dem' films....
November 09, 2012 08:54PM
The education of Sonny Carson was huuuugeee in the hood back in the day!!!
There was even a movie that had a title that actually featured the N word.
The legend of N- Charlie.
I know crazy ain't it?
Shows you how far we have come but still got ways to go.

Ok to enhance your feel for the very music itself.
I suggest you guys go online or grab some of these movies if you can from wherever you can because
you will soon notice that the relevancy is HIP HOP.This was the life,the mood,
this stuff actually went down,not to the extent where Hollywood played it, but sure nuff.
HIP HOP, the cool, the styles, the music got it's beginning staples from this particular era.
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Re: Dem' films....
November 23, 2012 10:34PM
Three The Hard Way.
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Re: Dem' films....
December 09, 2012 12:00AM
My favorite is "The Mack" I have an anniversary edition that includes a documentary about the making of the movie and the two brothers about whom the movie was based.

"Smoke sumpin' bitch!"
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