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Numero Project 12

Posted by jaybrown 
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avatar Numero Project 12
January 15, 2017 10:48AM
So Project 12 was a 2016 record subscription club started by Numero . You get one record a month and each was limited to 1000 . My wife got this for me for Christmas . With this being the end of 2016 , I received this..

That's right !! All 12 at once !!! . Sorry about the crooked albums in the crooked pic. I had to quickly lay them out and snap a pic before my daughter decided they were her's to play with . I'm steadily trying to make my way through these records , but it's been slow going lately . I've managed to get a little over half way through , so I thought I'd drop a few words about the ones I've listened to so far . I typically pick up soul comps from Numero . This collection however has taken me in a few other directions that I might not have otherwise gone . And I'm really enjoying the ride so far ..
I tried to pick out the album that seemed the furthest from my usual realm to start with .

Jimmy Carter and the Dallas County Green - Summer Brings The Sunshine lp . Some great laid back country rock on this one . Not that I'm an expert at country rock , but this is definitely good Sunday morning music , or winding down music . There are a few slightly uptempo moments but they really don't take away from the laid back vibe .When listening , I could almost picture myself somewhere like the album cover . This dude is great at laying out stories about life and love . I guess to some that may sound cheesy , but I'm diggin it ..

Master Wilburn Burchette's - Mind Storm lp . This was an interesting one . Apparently this is part of a series by a sort of mystic that believed that his music would I guess open up your mind's eye . There are actually instructions on the back of the jacket that tell you how to properly listen to it . It's a strange but soothing mix of guitar and electronic . I didn't have any visions or experiences while listening . Maybe I didn't prepare myself properly according to the instructions ?? Although I do believe that this record will come in handy on those days when stress is high and I need to tune out for a while . I almost forgot to mention that each side only has one track per.

Pisces - Somewhere In Your Mind lp . Although I am a more of a fan of Psych , I am also not an expert or even close in this genre . But , in my opinion this is definitely a buzz worthy album. These track were acquired from the same tapes that Numero used to put together the previous Pisces release A Lovely Sight . If you are a fan of psych / garage psych then this definitely has a spot in your collection .

Meic Stevens - Outlander lp . This was definitely an interesting listen . Here we have a welsh artist singing folk ( in English btw ) . The instrumentation at times has a worldly psychedelic feel and at other times a more Dylan type sound .

Arrogance - Knights Of Dreams lp . I guess I would call this Southern Rock ?? But not really . There definitely is that element , but there is a lot more to it . Ther is also a mix of psych and a slight touch of that 70s heavy metal sound . It all blends perfectly on his album . If someone said it was southern rock , I may have just passed it by , but I'm glad I didn't make that mistake ...

Circuit Rider - Photograph Attached lp . This one is a little hard to describe . There is a slight mix of folk , rock , country , and drunken rambling . This guy kinda sounds like a beat down Jim Morrison , but in a good way ( if you can imagine that ) . Although hard to describe , it's an overall great listen .

Tucker Zimmerman - Song Poet lp. There is a mellow vibe on this one . I guess I would call this hippy folk with a slightly rough edge . I don't know if that makes sense , but it's the best description I could come up with . Although the songs are laid back and sung in a very easy going tone , there is a little darkness in some of the lyrics .

Rob Galbraith - Damn It All lp . I never though I would put all of these words together in one sentence , but this album is a melting pot of soft rock , country , soul and funk . Although the funk is subtle , it's there . How can somebody meld all of these genres together and make it sound good ?? I'm not sure , but this dude managed to do it . He even gets a little political on here too . From the cover art , I probably would have passed this on by if I saw it on a shelf . I also would have regretted it later .

So far this has been an interesting musical journey and I'm excited to see what the rest have to offer . I will post them as I get to them ....
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avatar Re: Numero Project 12
January 15, 2017 11:15AM
Your wife is one cool wife man. Thanks for posting this! I love Numero records so much, I wish I got that gift. I'm interested in quite a few of those, they are for sale outside this club service right?

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avatar Re: Numero Project 12
January 15, 2017 11:25AM
I think they are only gonna be available through the project 12 . But there are a few buying options.
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avatar Re: Numero Project 12
January 17, 2017 10:38AM
Very nice gift there. Not all of this sounds like my cup of tea but it all looks interesting. The first track on that Jimmy Carter and DCG LP sounded incredible. I'd try to buy that if it were for sale separately. Mindstorm and Pisces also sounded quite good as well. Meic Stevens sounds like something worth spending more time with. A shame these are all subscription only. From a business perspective, I guess that makes sense because obscure albums like this might be hard to move individually.


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avatar Re: Numero Project 12
January 17, 2017 05:37PM
^^ I said the same thing at first . Like man some of this is not what I'm into , but have managed to really enjoy every album so far . The albums are broke up into three categories and can actually be purchased by category instead of paying for the full subscription . Maybe one specific category includes the albums you have an interest in .
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