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For Fans of 45s: What 7" Records R U Listening To Today? (Stictly Sevens)

Posted by rchecka 
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avatar Re: For Fans of 45s: What 7" Records R U Listening To Today? (Stictly Sevens)
October 02, 2014 03:52PM
Tempa - Time to Run

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avatar Re: For Fans of 45s: What 7" Records R U Listening To Today? (Stictly Sevens)
October 30, 2014 03:04PM
Lately... (some old and some new)

Johnny Burnette - You Gotta Get Ready / Fantabulous 7" (Norton Records) 2014

^Norton Records is a label to watch. They've been unearthing some deep-rooted home grown music lately in every genre they come across. What they did here is unearth a few dusty old rockabilly tracks that are really sweet.

The Bang Girl Group Revue - Hey Mr. Beatmaker / Drink In Hand 7" (Psychedelphonic Records) 2014

^Pretty interesting girl psych band on this recent pressing of an old song that never got pressed on wax. Lot's of fuzz guitar on both sides. On the back they sing about how "We only date guys who drink." which I can't blame them for that.

1984 - Trippin' / Trip 7" (Tramp Records) 2006

^Nice German reissue of a funky track with a classic Old School break right in the intro of the song... I could try to describe it or even better, click play...

The Grits - Tramp / (Undercover Brother 7" Remix) / Tramp (Break Brother Edit) 7" (Fraternity) 2014

^Speaking of Tramp, yall know that original song of course... The Grits remade it with a funky Hammond that'll knock your socks off. On one of Kenny Dope's sister labels Fraternity, this new funk song is something special. Both "remixes" are good but I'm feeling the Undercover Brother on the A side the most.

Communication Breakdown - Low Down Dirty Music / On My Mind 7" (Test Pressing) 7" (GRT Record Pressing)

^Bought this as an unknown test pressing based on the description of the music itself from Gemm years ago. Once in a while you gotta take a chance based on the price and the mystery factor. Sometimes you win, other times, not so much, well this time I scored nice. Since the seller didn't know what it was he had to sell it as an "unknown artist" which obviously hurts it's selling potential. So he priced it a 5 bucks and I bought it based on the description alone. It's good song is basically dirty funky disco soul, really cool music. I did a bunch of research when I got it years ago, couldn't find the artist, sorted it under "Unknown" in my 45s, and until I flipped past it and dropped a needle on it last week I had no idea what it was.

While I bumped it last week I did a little more Googling and this time, now years later, the data was right there. I used the run out groove number in quotes at Google and it worked! It's not on Discogs, one seller sold the non-test pressing once, and that was enough for the ID. Sweet, now I can give credit where credit is due. Artists are J Cornick, H. Huntley, E. Campbell on Rainbow Records out of Atlanta, GA. Here's what that Test Press turned into. IMAGE of RECORD

Joe Cobb - It's LB Time / Bill's Bag 7" (Exspect More) Unknown Year

^They want you to exspect more when you buy this label, maybe they mean both sides will be funky for a nice and cheap record. They were right.

The Village Callers - Hector / I'm Leaving 7" (Rampart) 1968

^Not at all cheap, certainly not 9 cents cheap, more like 30 bucks for one super funky song, "Hector". I'm leaving is a failed example of heartache soul.

Moses Dillard & The Tex Town Display - I've Got To Find A Way Pt. 1 / Pt. 2 (Curtum) 1970

^Speaking of soul, this is SUPER sweet, damn funky slow soul. I want to get all the versions of this song, and there are a lot, but I highly doubt anyone does it better than these guys. The sample on this is money.

And good ol Youtube makes it easier than trying to explain it.

The sample you'll hear within the first 10 seconds...

The Good Times - Dyn-O-Mite / At J.'s Joint 7" (Jewel Records) 1975

^Great stuff from the Good Times. First side is funky, and J.'s Joint is DAMN FONKY. You get the helium voiced guy from Nucleus' Jam On It (or maybe it's one of the Chipmunks) talking about how great it is at J's. I can dig it.

Honky - Join the Party / Funky Time, Party Time 7" (Creole) 1977

^One of those thousands of short lived bands living off the funk phase and doing an ayite job of it. Especially ayite for how much it cost, a mere buck. The whole naming scheme they definitely got down pat. Complete with the wah wah and everything.

Exit - Detroit Leaning / I Wanna Dance 7" (Superior Elevation Records) 2010 RE of 1982 OG

^I'll start with the worst song, "I Wanna Dance". < File that under bad 80s rapper trying to rap. The good song on the A side makes the whole thing worth repressing though, that's got a cool new wave 80s vibe going on.

Richard Hell & The Voidoids - The Kid With The Replaceable Head / I'm Your Man 7" (Radar Records) 1979

^Expanding my punk sevens section with this cool picture cover 7" from Richard Hell. The A side is forgettable but the B side is a cool punk reference to him being the man to get the shit you need. Really cool song.

Various ‎– Night Train To Terror (Music From the Motion Picture) 7" (Vinegar Syndrome) 2014

^1980s cock rock, in a good way though! Really sweet, just as sweet as the cover, with the dated sounding 80s hard rock guitar over the danceable rock beat and a few movie dialogs as well. Fantastic LE to 400 hand numbered pieces. Not sure where I'd ever use this song but I gotta find some place to put it because it's a real conversation starter.

Occupants / Shortwave Band - Untitiled EP 7" (Unheard of Records) 1982

^Some clown on discogs is asking for $250 for this because he's the only seller who has it. Don't get me wrong, this 1980s new wave music based on videogames and built upon 8 bit computer noises is SUPER DOPE, but it's not 250 dollars dope, that's just asinine. However, it is easily one of the best video game themed records I have in terms of music quality. The Occupants are kind of a post punk / new wave sound and Shortwave Band is a like an 8 bit version of Devo. Dope.

Suzanne Ciani - Liberator / Summer 7" (Finders Keepers Records) 2014

^Speaking of 80s video game music, recognize that logo? This is 80s style freestyle music based on the Atari game "Liberator" (<not as good but still cool) and the B side, "Summer" is a short and super sweet 80s song about this being the "Summer for Atari". Such a cool-ass record, limited, and well worth seeking.

Amalia - Welcome to Me / Bonafide 7" (Cherries Records) 2012

^Speaking of 80s freestyle, who knew it was still being made nowadays?? I never knew, but HOT DAMN this freestyle joint is the jam! Both sides are top notch, I can't pick a favorite, and both sides have a throwback vibe that cannot be underestimated. This is so good in fact that I'm gonna start scooping up more on that interesting new 45 label "Cherries records". There's something very appealing about this music.

Oh good! You can hear it on youtube, just take a second and listen! You'll end up playing the whole thing, it's that dope.

Blundetto - Nautilus / Dub 7" (Heavenly Sweetness) 2010

^How bout a dub version of Bob James' Nautilius? That's gotta be dope, right? RIGHT. It's dope. It's the way alternate genre covers should be, paying homage to the original and flipping the script all at the same time.

“Lesser artists borrow... great artists steal.” - Igor Stravinsky
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avatar Re: For Fans of 45s: What 7" Records R U Listening To Today? (Stictly Sevens)
October 31, 2014 07:11AM
Great stuff Rchecka !! That Moses Dilard joint with the Ric Marciano sample is the illest one in my opinion . Coulda easily been sampled by UGK back in the day ...
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avatar Re: For Fans of 45s: What 7" Records R U Listening To Today? (Stictly Sevens)
November 18, 2014 02:29PM

Ohio Untouchables - Up Town / I'm Tired 7" (Lu Pine Productions) Unknown Year

^Cool band name, sweet doo wop on the A side. The b side is tired.

Herbie Hancock - Chameleon / Vein Melter 7" (Columbia) 1974

^All I gotta say about this unarguable classic is that I finally got a copy of it that isn't beat up on 7". For those who don't already know, the 7" version is very different from the album version, I wouldn't say it's funkier but it's chunkier.

The Ninchucks - Bruce Lee's Return of the Dragon 7" (Bryan Records) 1974

^Obscure but cheap and cool 7" of a very funky version of the movie theme. Complete with tons of old arp synth noise, movie sound effects and a killer funk guitar lick throughout. Not nearly as dope as Dennis Coffy's 7" version of Enter the Dragon but much more interesting.

Doris Duke - Business Deal / Nobody To Have It But You 7" (Mainstream Records) 1973

^Who knew Doris Duke could be such a funky slut?? I didn't but, now I do. Funky and slutty in a very good way. Both songs are about "putting out," so don't shoot the messenger.

Sonny Wimberly and the Sunglows - Moe and Joe pt. 1 / pt. 2 7" (Numero Group) 2009 RE of Unknown Year OG

^This reissue is a very funky blues song. Part of a bonus disc from Numero's Light on the Southside comp. This is easily the funkiest blues song I own.

Linda Lyndell / Billy Hawks - What A Man / Oh Baby 7" (BGP) 2002 RE of 1968 OG

^I never knew that Salt & Peppa's What a Man was basically an updated cover of a much better funky original by Linda Lyndell. As soon as you hear the intro you think it's gonna be S&P but then a much funkier vocal comes in and gives you that happy WTF moment vibe. Not fond of the B side on this, but just check the reason I bought it...


Shock - Electrophonic Phunk / The Crack is Back 7" (Fantasy) 1982

^Time to go into the 80s funk vein! Electronphonic Phunk is aptly titled. What it is. The crack song is not what it's cracked up to be. WACKA WACKA! worried

Shock - That's A Lady / Loosen Up 7" (Fantasy) 1982

^Now were talkin! This is the best of 80s funk IMO, the synth in this is killer. This is a real slept on 7" and a real tight sleeper for that era and that style. When the synth kicks off at the finale of That's a Lady you will be sold on this.

^Synth @ 2 min 33 sec.

Faze-O - Riding High / True Love 7" (She Records) 1977

^Damn tight ahead of it's time 80s funk from the late 70s. Some classic samples in this one!

Alphonse Mouzon - The Lady In Red / I Don't Wanna Lose this Feeling 7" (Highrise) 1982

^Weather Report drummer Alphonse does a killer Lady in Red. Nothing like the one you are thinking of, this one is dancefloor ready.

Pleasure - Glide / Thoughts of Old Flames 7" (Fantasy) 1979

^Dope. I don't know what to say about this, it's just dope.

The Slits - Man Next Door / Version 7" (Rough Trade) 1980

^Legendary chick punk band drops a very different from the album version of the man next door on this one-off 7". This one is almost strictly dub stylee with only a hint of rock.

Zoot Woman - It's Automatic / Holiday Home 7" (Wall of Sound) 2000

^Stay far away from the 12" of this song, it sucks so bad and they don't even have the original version on the damn thing. I'm going to go out on a limb and say this version of "It's Automatic" is just as dope as Freestyle's electro version of "It's Automatic" and DJs should know they mix perfectly together if you time "It's" on one with "Automatic" on the other. As far as I know, this 7" is the only way to get this fantastic 80s style throwback song on wax.

I need to just link you to the video, words don't mean shit...

^Just when you start getting sick of the refrain hang in there it changes a few times.

Les Maledictus Sound - Experience 9 7" (Omega) 1969

^HELLO! Nice! Spanish psych! This is now thee coolest psych record I own. A mixture of sound effects, fuzz and sheer genius from Jean-Pierre Massiera. I love this record so much, my only complaint is it's too damn short! This could have lived perfectly on Kep's - I <3 mix IMO.

Kondo Koji - スーパーマリオブラザーズ (Super Mario Bros.) 7" (Do Jo Music) 2014 RE of 1986 OG

^I absolutely had to get this new reissue. I love that game so much and now I finally got my 2 loves combined. The A side has the original 8 bit song from level one of the original game complete with the "You better hurry your ass up time's running out" tempo boost at the end.

File this under EXTREMELY COOL RECORD and genuinely useful as hell in so many situations. The orchestra version is fun for about 15 seconds and then you realize it's not that cool. It's all about the original that cannot be improved upon.

“Lesser artists borrow... great artists steal.” - Igor Stravinsky
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Registered: 9 years ago
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avatar Re: For Fans of 45s: What 7" Records R U Listening To Today? (Stictly Sevens)
November 18, 2014 06:34PM
Great stuff homie !!
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