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What Reggae Chunes You Bumpin'?

Posted by rchecka 
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avatar Re: What Reggae Chunes You Bumpin'?
August 26, 2015 05:39PM
^^ my first reggae vinyl purchase . I got a sealed copy , at the Kiwanis thrift store in Fort Myers Florida for 59 cents !!!!
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avatar A pair of 1980 releases
September 30, 2015 11:56PM
Junior Keatting (Keating) - Weekend Lover

Tad's Record Den - 1980 - US

Killer dub by Scientist and the Roots Radic band. Looks like youtube got takedown notices on all Junior Keatting's songs, but it's available here on Spotify.

Lee "Scratch" Perry - The Return Of Pipecock Jackxon

Black Star Liner - 1980 - Netherlands

Off-kilter is the best way I can describe this one. Snippets of classical piano, a song dedicated to asking the question, "who killed the chicken," a couple of short monologues talking about life in Jamaica as compared to the Netherlands (where some of the tracks were recorded).

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avatar Re: A pair of 1980 releases
October 01, 2015 10:45AM
^Awesome chunes mon.

Bote ov dem. Yah mon

Lee Perry's catalog is neverending. It's hard to know what to get of his sometimes and that sounds really cool. If you haven't already read about Lee Scratch Perry I highly recommend reading about his life. He's seen some real shit.

“Lesser artists borrow... great artists steal.” - Igor Stravinsky
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avatar Re: A pair of 1980 releases
October 01, 2015 02:45PM
There are a few different TV specials/documentaries about Perry. There seems to be some debate as to whether he actually has some sort of mental illness/impairment or if he just acts the way he does as a defense mechanism to avoid dealing with people he does not like or would rather not deal with.


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