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My 'In Case of Fire Bag'

Posted by jemist101 
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My 'In Case of Fire Bag'
April 18, 2016 09:26AM
Do you have one? What's in yours?

I do.

It sort of stems from three reasons:

1. I live in bushfire prone Australia. In my particular area, about 15 years ago, one took out a good chunk of houses . I had friends that lived in some of those houses, and whilst they happily came away safely, some lost major collections. I had one friend (my dad's buddy) lose a collection of EVERY SINGLE 2000AD COMIC. Another friend of mine lost a fairly large (mid 4 figures) rock / metal / punk collection. Insurance covered most of it eventually, and they're pretty zen about it - but they still make jokes about how they wished they were organised and at least one bag of favourites.

2. I moved away for a large long-term / indefinite jaunt overseas for some time, and had all my belongings, record collection in full in storage for sometime. I needed a way to tell my family and key friends of "In case anything happens to me, or I'm in trouble, /these/ are the important records".

3. F%#king John Peel - genius and cranky man he is.

So, here we are then.


Not my most expensive records, nor is it my 'favourite' records. Records I really dig and would have a hard time trying to replace, or records of sentimental value. Records important to me? Yes. Note this is my bag of LPs - I have two separate bags just for 45s. My family are instructed to prioritise the 45s bag over the LPs. I'll take the time to photograph those ... one day.

I'm updating descriptions and links to them over time, so if you need your voyeur kick, keep an eye on it.

Happy to answer questions, and see what's in yours!

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avatar Re: My 'In Case of Fire Bag'
April 19, 2016 10:34AM
I don't have one of these, but I probably should. Awhile back my building caught fire, but luckily it was handled before it could spread to other floors so none of my stuff was damaged. Some interesting records in there...a few I know along with several I don't.


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avatar Re: My 'In Case of Fire Bag'
April 19, 2016 01:54PM
Fantastic stuff in there. I can't believe you got a signed DJ KRUSH!!! hot damn

“Lesser artists borrow... great artists steal.” - Igor Stravinsky
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Re: My 'In Case of Fire Bag'
April 19, 2016 08:08PM
I've played and shared a few meals with Hideaki a few times over the years, as well as traded some records during those times.
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avatar Re: My 'In Case of Fire Bag'
April 20, 2016 08:37PM
^^ Now you're just bragging grinning smiley
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